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Study on the Rock Art at the Yin Mountains

Xiaokun Wang and Wenjing Zhang

As the most important ancient cultural relics in prehistory, rock painting has become a direct basis for the reproduction of human history and ideological process. Since the late 1970s, Yinshan rock paintings have been found in large quantities. In this study of Yinshan Rock Paintings, 2842 rock paintings, which can be used as research materials in the Yinshan area, are collected, sorted and classified systematically and the distribution characteristics of rock paintings in each area and the distribution and change rules of main rock painting types are summarized, and the staged study and age exploration are attempted. At the same time, this book places Yinshan Rock Paintings into the overall framework of Chinese rock paintings for analysis, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall characteristics and status of Yinshan Rock Paintings, and on this basis, preliminarily establish the basic framework of Yinshan Rock Painting type distribution and chronological sequence.

Wang Xiaokun (Doctor of History, 2008) is a member of the Chinese Society of Archaeology and Associate Professor in the School of History at Renmin University of China.

Zhang Wenjing (Doctor of History, 2011) is a member of the Chinese Rock Painting Society, Deputy Editor in Chief of Chinese Rock Painting, and Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Anyang Normal University.