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Media and Governance in Latin America

Towards a Plurality of Voices

Edited By Ximena Orchard, Sara Garcia Santamaria, Julieta Brambila and Jairo Lugo-Ocando

This edited book aims at bringing together a range of contemporary expertise that can shed light on the relationship between media pluralism in Latin America and processes of democratization and social justice. In doing so, the authors of the book provide empirically grounded theoretical insight into the extent to which questions about media pluralism—broadly understood as the striving for diverse and inclusive media spheres—are an essential part of scholarly debates on democratic governance.

The rise in recent years of authoritarianism, populism and nationalism, both in fragile and stable democratic systems, makes media pluralism an intellectual and empirical cornerstone of any debate about the future of democratic governance around the world. This book—useful for students and researchers on topics such as Media, Communications, Latin American Studies and Politics—aims to make a contribution to such debate by approaching some pressing questions about the relationship of Latin American governments with media structures, journalistic practices, the communication capabilities of vulnerable populations and the expressive opportunities of the general public.

Ximena Orchard is based at Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago (Chile), where she is currently Head of the Journalism Department. She holds a PhD from The University of Sheffield and has published about the mediatization of Chilean political actors, cultures of political communication and journalistic practices.

Sara Garcia Santamaria is Associate Professor at Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain). She obtained her doctorate at University of Sheffield (UK) looking at discourse, media and populism in Latin America. Her research focuses on discourse theory, populism, misinformation and political communication in Europe and Latin America.

Julieta Brambila (PhD, University of Leeds) is a transwoman, media scholar and public official. She is a Communication Officer at the Minister of Finance in Mexico and Assistant Professor at Universidad de las Américas Puebla in Mexico. She has published about press freedom, antipress violence and journalists’ safety.

Jairo Lugo-Ocando is Director of Executive and Graduate Education and Professor in Residence at Northwestern University in Qatar, and previously served as Associate Professor at the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield. He has extensively published about media representations of poverty and inequality, as well as journalistic practices.