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The Catalan Nation and Identity Throughout History


Edited By Àngels Casals Martinez and Giovanni C. Cattini

The present book is a complex approach to the elements that built the Catalan national identity, which can only be analyzed through its complexity and longue durée historical times.
Regarding medieval and early modern centuries, the territorial construction, law and state are presented, along with the complexity added by the appearance of composite monarchies in the 16th century, and taking into account the significance of constructing a literary and historiographic tradition to define national character.
Regarding modern centuries, the authors do not ignore the importance of socioeconomic dimensions in a very complex diversity which flows both in the intellectual and political world and in the dissemination of identity through the mass media in an international level as well.

Àngel Casals is a tenure-track lecturer in Modern History at the University of Barcelona. A specialist in the History of Monarchy and Social Conflict, he's the author of several publications regarding the history of Catalonia during the Modern age.

Giovanni C. Cattini is a tenure-track lecturer Serra Húnter in Contemporary History at the University of Barcelona. His field of study is the nationalist movement between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, however he specializes in contemporary Catalan Nationalism and intellectual movements of this time.