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Combating Corruption Through Electronic Governance in Least Developed and Post-war Countries

Afghanistan’s Experience

Bashirullah Najimi

This book discusses the role of electronic governance in least developed countries (LDCs) within the context of public finance management and service delivery keeping in view of the experience of Afghanistan. The book includes examples of good practices in electronic public finance management from the international perspective and to what extent they could be applied in LDCs. This book shares the author’s insights and experiences from the field and accounts on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in public finance management and public service delivery in LDCs, with a focus on Afghanistan. The author explores he challenges and opportunities of the LDCs on the way to modernizing their governance systems, combating corruption, and enhancing the venue for development of their countries.

List of Figures – List of Tables – Preface – Acknowledgments – Abbreviations – Introduction – Least-Developed Countries: Their Public Finance Management Challenges – Introduction to Afghanistan – E-Governance – Electronic-Governance in Least-Developed Countries – Public Finance Management in Least-Developed Countries – Corruption in Least-Developed Countries – Anti-Corruption Key Stakeholders – Anti-Corruption Strategies – Tax Revenues Management – Non-Tax Revenues Management in Least-Developed Countries – Aid Management in Least-Developed Countries – Public Expenditure Management – Electronic Payment and Online Services