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Edited By Devrim İnce and Yurdagül Bezirgan Arar

Journalism in Turkey has an ambivalent characteristic. On the one hand, the social demand for genuine journalism has increased, and on the other hand, news has turned into a tool within the polluted political polarization atmosphere.
In the age of fake news and post-truth, practices of journalism in Turkey both contain significantly striking examples of how media professionals overcome the barriers and also give some clues about the changing nature of journalism. The book examines the deep crisis mainstream media experience in Turkey. New-born media institutions, alternatives, their start-up strategies, and transformation of journalism field are scrutinized by qualitative and quantitative methods. The book aims to present a current picture of journalism in Turkey by underlining both historical continuities and breaks from the tradition.
Devrim İnce, academician/journalist, is a faculty member of Uşak University, Faculty of Communication, Radio-TV and Cinema Department. His main areas of interest are ideological and economical functions of media, structure of news organizations and cultural studies. Yurdagül Bezirgan Arar is an academician. She is currently working as an
associate professor in the Journalism Department of Ege University, Faculty of Communication. Her research interests are journalism and media researches.