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Black Men’s Studies

Black Manhood and Masculinities in the U.S. Context


Serie McDougal III

Black Men's Studies offers an approach to understanding the lives and the self determination of men of African descent in the U.S. context. It not only frames their experiences, it also explores the multidimensional approaches to advancing the lives of Black men. Particular attention is given to placing Black men in their own unique historical, cultural, and socio-political contexts.

Theft of Self
To study in the dimming shadows of oversight one must learn to feel for truth
and manifest a practical faith
an even deeper study.
Then, one must endure the witnessing of discarded essential elements.
One must remember and remap their tombs,
to be regathered and reassembled,
to be righteously deposed.
Africana studies makes a long pass
through an ancient and angry valley
that has been known by many names.
An anthology of half-truths must be studied
and suffered
in the same life and body, by the wrighted one.
The thrash and burn of a treacherous sea
that smiles and bites with the same mouth
This journey calls a man with tenacity like Noah,
a wheelwright who contemplates in the storm
“The Theft of Self”.
“Dr. Serie McDougal,
demands an admirable admiral.
—Orron Kenyetta, Poet, Author of “Outlasting Denial”