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Cytherean Sitings Between Heraclitus and Kittler

Josef Chytry

Cosmotheism retrieves the importance of a cosmic approach to reality through its revival of the heliocentric creed championed by Copernicus, Bruno and Kepler, through its critiques of historical patterns of politics and technology, and through its sponsorship of emancipatory thinkers, artists, "psychonauts," and cosmologists.

Enchantment – Enchantment of the World (Verzauberung) I: Copernicus and Bruno – Enchantment of the World (Verzauberung) II: Kepler – Disenchantment of the World (Entzauberung) I: Galileo and Descartes – Disenchantment of the World (Entzauberung) II: Newton – Commonwealth – From Toleration to Partition (I): The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – From Partition to Extermination (II): Post-Commonwealth – Technicity – Ge-stell I: The "History" of Technicity as Accelerative TechnoScience – Ge-stell II: The "History" of Technicity as Accelerative Political Economy – Seeking – Rousseau and Nietzsche as Seekers – A Yank at Oxford – Homer and Hardware – Spirit – Between Aistheterion and Artistdom ("Art") – From Castalia to Maui Wowie ("Religion") – From Hellenism to Cosmotheism ("Philosophy") - Appendix: Five Book Reviews – Eugene Lunn, Marxism and Modernism (1982) – Anson Rabinbach, In the Shadow of Catastrophe (1997) – Suzanne Marchand, Down from Olympus (1996) – Jacques Derrida, Athens, Still Remains (2010) – Juliane Rebentisch, Aesthetics of Installation Art (2012) – Index.