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Relational Reason, Morals and Sociality


Edited By Elżbieta Hałas and Aleksander Manterys

Relational sociology draws attention to non-utilitarian aspects of sociality that reach beyond instrumental rationality, and presents the problem of relational reason. Shaping a civil society under cultural plurality requires reflection upon relational rationality. This book focuses on relational goods as an emergent effect of social relations, focusing on the issue of good life and the Good Society.

The relational approach involves viewing social relations neither as an expression of the system nor as an individual action, but as a human reality in its own right, based on reciprocity.

The authors explore the moral dimensions of sociality in various areas of social life. The aim is to enrich the understanding of relationality and of the significance of the relational theory of society.

Elżbieta Hałas is a Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Warsaw. Her research interests are relational sociology, cultural sociology, social symbolism, and interpretative approaches. Member of the Scientific Committee of the “Relational Studies in Sociology“ network.

Aleksander Manterys is a Full Professor of Sociology at University of Warsaw. His research interests are relational sociology, interaction order, and sociological theory.