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Contemporary Issues with Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Social Science

Edited By Engin ÇAKIR and Yusuf KADERLİ

Social sciences are made up of science disciplines that research humanity, society, and the world with a human dimension, and therefore its domain of influence is also serious and wide. Naturally, the social scientist has the power to influence society with his/her research and writing. This book aims to add the contributions of academicians from different disciplines to the social sciences fields they specialize in the academic literature and to give an idea about new researches. The book contains scientific articles on business, economics, public finance, tourism, and international relations.

BIC Classifications

  • Economics, finance, business & management (K)
    • Economics (KC)
      • Economic growth (KCG)
      • Political economy (KCP)

BISAC Classifications

  • Business & Economics (BUS)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Business Development (BUS020000)
    • Finance (BUS027)
      • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance / General (BUS027000)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / International / Economics (BUS069020)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / Theory (BUS069030)

THEMA Classifications

  • Economics, Finance, Business & Management (K)
    • Economics (KC)
      • Economic growth (KCG)
      • Political economy (KCP)