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Verb Collocations in Dictionaries and Corpus: an Integrated Approach for Translation Purposes


Míriam Buendía-Castro

Collocations are especially needed for translators, especially in the final phase of production of the target language text. This book proposes an integrated methodology, based on the information extracted from dictionaries and corpus, to encode and describe verb collocations in specialized resources. The focus is on verbs since few terminological resources include verb information when they are regarded as the most important lexical and syntactic category in language. The underlying idea of this research is that verbs and their arguments can be classified in a set of semantic categories typical of a given domain; then, when semantic roles and macroroles are specified, it is possible to establish templates that represent the entire lexical subdomain, and to predict the range of verbs.

1. Introduction

2. Frame-based Terminology

3. Collocations in Lexicography and Terminography

4. Collocations in Corpus

5. An integrated top-down and bottom-up approach: the case of EcoLexicon

6. Conclusions