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Cyprus: Alternative Solution Models

Edited By Huseyin Isiksal and Hüseyin Gökçekuş

This book is a very valuable and timely collection of original essays with brand new and refreshing ideas on alternative solutions for the Cyprus issue from leading experts including academics, policy-makers, politicians, including the current foreign minister and deputy prime minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, former foreign minister of Turkey and former MPs, diplomats, bureaucrats and top-ranking military officers. The book also makes a significant contribution to the literature on recent developments including the energy security and hydrocarbon problems in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is also unique in terms of analyzing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a self-proclaimed internationally unrecognized state that is neglected by the international community and scholarly literature. The book has a wide spectrum of readership including, but not limited to, scholars, students, and readers who are interested in Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, Greece, energy politics, and the hydrocarbon issue.

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