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Cinematic Thoughts

Essays on Film and the Philosophy of Film

Gary James Jason

Cinematic Thoughts: Essays on Film and the Philosophy of Film is an anthology of essays Gary Jason published (mainly) between 2012 and 2018. The book has seven parts. Part One consists of essays on propaganda films. The topics include how the Nazi Regime used film as a tool of propaganda, and its use of radio for propaganda. Part Two contains articles on genocide and film. These include two broad surveys of Holocaust documentaries, ranging from those that were done at the end of WWII to Claude Lanzmann’s work. Also included are pieces reviewing the five major propaganda films the Nazi Regime produced aimed at arousing anti-Semitism in the populace leading up to the Holocaust. Part Three of the anthology concerns ethical theory as explored in film. Included here are three essays surveying how egoism is portrayed in classic movies, as well as one showing how Rossian ethical theory can be used to analyze conflicts of loyalty in classic war movies, and pieces illustrating virtue ethics. Part Four includes various articles on the history of cinema. One of the topics raised was whether the American film industry produced better films under the old, allegedly "monopolistic" studio system. Part Five of the anthology contains articles on the aesthetics of film. The topics here include how creativity can be portrayed in film, and why some great actors never win Oscars. Part Six contains pieces on classical liberalism in film, and Part Seven has miscellaneous articles on topics ranging from artists to criminals.

Introduction – Essays on Propaganda and Film – "Beauty’s in the Eye of the State": A Review of Belief and Beauty The History of the Nazi BDM Movement (2018) – "Another Small Piece of War": A Review of Propaganda Swing (2017) – Review of: K. Liebreich, The Black Page: Interviews with Nazi Filmmakers (2017) – "Whence Did German Propaganda Films Derive Their Power?" (2016) – "Film and Propaganda: The Lessons of the Nazi Film Industry" (2013) – "A Cry for Justice": A Review of The Stoning of Soraya M (2009) – "Filmmaker, Heal Thyself": A Review of Manufacturing Dissent (2008) – "Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer": A Review of Triumph of the Will (2007) – Essays on Genocide and Film – "Memorializing Genocide I: Earlier Holocaust Documentaries" (2016) – "Memorializing Genocide II: Later Holocaust Documentaries" (2018) – "Selling Genocide I: The Earlier Films" (2016) – "Selling Genocide II: The Later Films" (2017) – Essays on Ethical Theory in Film – "Portraits of Egoism in Classic Cinema I: Sympathetic Portrayals" (2014) – "Portraits of Egoism in Classic Cinema II: Negative Portrayals" (2015) – "Portraits of Egoism in Classic Cinema III: Nietzschean Portrayals" (2015) – "Classic Problem, Classic Films: Conflicts of Loyalty in War Films" (2011) – "Beyond the Textbooks": A Review of Good (2010) – "Why Men Fight": A Review of The Hurt Locker (2009) – "Guys and Dolls": A Dual Review of The Kite Runner and Lars and the Real Girl (2008) – "Completely Charming": A Review of Once (2007) – "Orphans on the Silk Road": A Review of The Children of Huang Shi (2009) – "Hearts of Darkness": A Review of The Last King of Scotland (2007) – Essays on the History of Film – "The History of Cinema and America’s Role in It" (2013) – "Restoring a Lost Art": A Review of The Artist (2012) – "Against the Grain": A Review of God, Man, and Hollywood: Politically Incorrect Cinema from "The Birth of a Nation" to "The Passion of the Christ" (2010) – "Mercurial Theater": A Review of Me and Orson Welles (2010) – "On the Road Again": A Review of Route 66 (2010) – Essays on the Aesthetics of Film – "Infinity in One Hour, 48 Minutes": A Review of: The Man Who Knew Infinity (2016) – "Artists in the Movies: The Ten Best Films" (2011) – "Breaking Out of the Box": A Review of Temple Grandin (2011) – "The Rest of the Best: Ten Great Actors Snubbed by Oscar" (2010) – "Through Other Eyes": A Review of Séraphine (2009) – "Final Trip": A Review of Taking Chance (2009) – "The Rise of the Comic Book Movie" (2008) – "Imagining the Young Jane Austen": A Review of Becoming Jane (2007) – "Tour de Paris": A Review of Paris, je t’aime (2007) – "Dinner’s Coming, Rat Now": A Review of Ratatouille (2007) – "Lost Classic": A Review of The Lost City (2006) – Essays on Classical Liberalism and Film – "Beating the Heat": A Review of Cool It (2010) – "Why Jonny Can’t Reed": A Review of The Cartel (2010) – "Breaking the Shackles": A Review of 2081 (2010) – "Hobbesian Hell": A Review of Gomorra (2009) – "Sicko Ideal": A Dual Review of A Short Course in Brain Surgery and The Lemon (2008) – "Forgotten Horror": A Review of Nanking (2008) – "Dissent for Me, Not Thee": A Review of Indoctrinate U (2008) – "Out of the Lenin Shipyard": A Review of Strike (2008) – "The Importance of ‘Happyness’ ": A Review of The Pursuit of Happyness (2007) – "Cancer Merchant": A Review of Thank You for Smoking (2007) – Miscellaneous Essays – "Art for the Sake of Art": A Review of Georgia O’Keefe (2010) – "Last Rites": A Review of Departures (2010) – "Swedish Sherlock": A Review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2010) – "The Breeding of an Empire": A Review of The Young Victoria (2010) – "Style with Substance": A Review of Coco before Chanel (2010) – "Tragedy and Triumph": A Review of La Vie en Rose (2008) – "Old Genre, New Treat": A Review of Trans-Siberian (2009) – "A Good Vintage": A Review of Bottle Shock (2009) – "From Russia with Mob": A Review of Eastern Promises (2008) – Index.