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Upper-class English in Natural and Audiovisual Dialogue


Luca Valleriani

This volume deals with the language of the British upper class in natural face-to-face dialogue and how this is rendered fictionally in audiovisual media. Its main aim is that of reorganising the sparse information on the topic that is found in previous scholarly studies through a qualitative methodological approach.

After focusing on the linguistic description and evolution of the upper-class sociolect, the study offers original insights on the language of the Royal Family and its representation in the TV series The Crown.

The results from this research, which combines the disciplines of sociolinguistics and dialectology applied to the audiovisual text, will hopefully open a new path in the study of language of elite groups in Britain, arguably an under-researched topic.

Linguistic features of upper-class English

History of upper-class English

Upper-class English in real life

Upper-class English in cinema and TV