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Harmony Effects Across Language and Perception

Some Conundrums around the Unity of the Mind


Gaetano Fiorin and Denis Delfitto

This book offers original insights around a fascinating idea: Perception and the rest of cognition, crucially including language, are closer to each other than the Cartesian tradition dared to dream. By combining recent results in cognitive neuroscience, the philosophy of perception, and the syntax of natural language, the book demonstrates that there is continuity between higher and lower cognition. Percepts from perceptual experience are propositional, conceptual, and they are not divorced from objective reality. Human cognition is merged with the natural world, able to reflect it in complex ways and interact with it in modalities that are since the very beginning computationally complex and rich in content.

syntax – semantics – grammar – perception – philosophy of perception – philosophy of mind – philosophy of language – percepts – concepts – propositions – reference – representation – belief – epistemology – phenomenology – verbs of perception – conscious experience – dualism – higher cognition – lower cognition