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Essays on Fiction and Perspective

Göran Rossholm

The book is the result of a conference about the interrelated concepts of fiction and perspective in Stockholm 2001. The concepts of fiction and perspective have played a number of crucial roles in the Humanities during the last fifty years, in particular in the intersection between linguistics, the aesthetic disciplines, and philosophy. The writers in this anthology discuss some of the most debated questions in this context, such as different conceptions of point of view in narrative fiction, historical counterfactual fiction, the relationship between fact and fiction in historiography, how to understand and analyze statements about an individual’s belief perspective, and how everyday discourse is anchored in perspective views of the world.
Contents: Ann Banfield: The Perspective of the Mirror-Instrument in a Monadology of the Novel – Eva Broman: Narratological Focalization Models - a Critical Survey – Östen Dahl: Perspective and Narrativity in Spoken Language – Lubomir Doležel: Narratives of Counterfactual History – Monika Fludernik: Letters and Chronicles: How Narrative Are They? – Petr Kotatko: Truth Conditions and Literary Aspirations: Basic Correlations – Peter Pagin: Point of View and Belief Attributions – Göran Rossholm: Now’s the Time - the Fiction Reader’s Temporal Perspective – Lars-Åke Skalin: Focalization as Restriction of Field – Göran Sonesson: Perspective from a Semiotical Perspective – Claude Vandeloise: Spatial Perspective and Linguistic Relativity – Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Postmodernism, History and «The Linguistic Turn».