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Blueprints for No-Man’s Land

Connections in Contemporary Austrian Culture


Janet Stewart and Simon Ward

This volume brings together a collection of essays focusing on selected aspects of inter- and multidisciplinarity in contemporary Austrian culture. These include the connections between literature and the media, literature and the visual arts, literature and travel, and the visual arts and public space. The individual contributions deal with central figures in the Austrian arts, including Thomas Bernhard, Franzobel, Elfriede Jelinek, Peter Handke, Peter Turrini and Doron Rabinovici, as well as collective ventures such as Walter Grond’s Odysseus project and the museum in progress. They analyse the impact of connections between disciplines on the cultural landscape in contemporary Austria, as well as examining the limits of such interaction between disciplines.
Contents: Janet Stewart: Locating and Connecting Culture – Julie M. Johnson: The Embodied Gaze: Contemporary Art and the Museum Culture of Vienna – Matthias Konzett: National Iconoclasm and Dissent: Thomas Bernhard, Doron Rabinovici, and the Austrian Avantgarde – Frank Finlay: ‘… zwischen Fischstäbchen, bosnischen Leichen und Tschibo-Kaffee’: Peter Turrini and the Media – David Barnett: Televisualising Racism on Stage: Elfriede Jelinek’s Stecken, Stab und Stangl – Allyson Fiddler: Sport and National Identity in the ‘New’ Austria: Sports Plays by Elfriede Jelinek, Franzobel and Marlene Streeruwitz – Wolfgang Straub: ‘Ein offenes Willkommen Tor’: Tourism in Austria between national identity, economic practice and literary representation – Annegret Pelz: Odyssey in No-Man’s Land: The ‘Odysseus File’ and the Interstitial Space in the Text – Karen Leeder: ‘Principles of Correspondence’: Scientist, Explorer, Poet in the work of Raoul Schrott – Thomas Eder: The Experiment in the Natural Sciences and in Art – Simon Ward: ‘Connecting’ Literature and Music: On the Collaborative Work of Clemens Gadenstätter and Lisa Spalt and Its Interpretation.