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Identity and Cultural Translation: Writing across the Borders of Englishness

Women’s Writing in English in a European Context


Ana Gabriela Macedo and Margarida Pereira

The papers collected in this volume include a selection of those presented at a conference which took place at the University of Minho, Portugal, in July 2001 held under the auspices of the project European Intertexts: a Study of Women’s Writing in English as Part of a European Fabric. The contributions focus on a variety of texts issuing from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds and debate the topics of ‘Identity’ and ‘Cultural Translation’ as instances of physical and allegorical border crossings in today’s world while investigating their relation to Anglophone culture.
This volume is part of a project devoted to women’s writing in English in a European context.
The Editors: Ana Gabriela Macedo is Associate Professor at the Universidade do Minho, Portugal, and has published on Comparative and English Literature (specializing on the Avant-garde, Modernism and Postmodernism), Gender Studies and Visual Poetics; she has co-edited the first Portuguese Dictionary of Feminist Critical Terms (2005).
Margarida Esteves Pereira is lecturer at the Universidade do Minho, and has published on contemporary English fiction and Women’s Studies. She is preparing a Ph.D. on A.S. Byatt.