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Social Competences in Vocational and Continuing Education


Antony Lindgren and Anja Heikkinen

Social competences have played a crucial role in the international search for generic, over-arching skills, key qualifications and core competences since the 1970s. By the end of 1990, social cohesion and integration had gained new momentum in this discourse because of their importance for the functioning of global market economy and industries. Moreover, the concept of social capital affects and changes the role of social competences in vocational and continuing education.
This volume presents a collection of papers which reflect and describe these changes and their political, economical and pedagogical backgrounds and implications. The topics include economisation of social competences, social competences as key qualifications for employability and entrepreneurship, social challenges in eroding welfare societies, gender and social competences, and the ideological and economical context of the social competences discourse.
Contents: Philipp Gonon/Anja Heikkinen: Preface: Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education – Antony Lindgren/Anja Heikkinen: Introduction: The Revival of the Social in Vocational and Continuing Education – Anthony Lindgren: Can Research on Vocational Education and Training (VET) still be Progressive? – Lorenz Lassnigg: Strengthening Social Competences in VET - a New Relationship between Social Capital and Human Capital? – Matthias Vonken: Being Competent or Having Competences – Beatrix Niemeyer: Gender and Key Competences - Key Terms of Unrelated Debates? – Liv Mjelde: Women and Apprenticeship: Industrial, Technological Skilling and Gendering Changes in the Printing Industry in Norway – Håkon Høst/Svein Michelsen: Who will Nurse us in our Old Age? - On the Erosion of Social and Cultural Preconditions for Care Education – Rudolf Husemann: Ageing, Employment and Qualification - Problems and Perspectives of Adult Education – Antony Lindgren: Vocational Education and Social Competence - Theory and Practice in Vocational Education – Philipp Gonon: Convergence of Discourses - Convergence of Structures? The Reform of Vocational Education in England and Switzerland in the Light of the European Integration – Katrin Kraus: New «Virtues of Employees» - a Topic for Educational Science? – Anja Heikkinen: The Erosion of the Social and the Promotion of Social Competences in Vocational Education and Training.