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A Theology for Europe

The Churches and the European Institutions


James Barnett

This volume is about the partnership of the Christian churches in their dialogue with the European Institutions. In a context of plurality the discourse between religion, society and political institutions requires a descriptive and reflective theology that is both informed by the received tradition and provisional enough to share the universal quest for truth and justice. Contributors represent many aspects of European culture, history and recent political development.
The book confronts European history, the contribution of civil society in gaining freedom from political oppression and the experience of the churches in victory and defeat. In treating discourse between and among people of political conviction and religious faith it adopts an accessible method and addresses politicians, religious leaders and thinkers in a common framework and language.
Contents: James Barnett: A Spectator Calls – Robin Guthrie: A Graceless Trudge – Richard Fischer: The Council of Europe and the Churches: the Same Struggle? – Keith Jenkins: The Churches and Europe: Relating to the European Institutions – Paul Gallagher: The Holy See and Europe: an Enduring Commitment – John Arnold: CEC and EECCS: the Process of Integration 1986-1998 – Zoltan Bona: Understanding and Valuing European Diversity – Simon Palmer: International Organisations and Religion: is Dialogue Necessary or Possible? – Marc Lenders: The Future of Rural Life in Europe: the Minutes of an Experiment – Peter Schreiner: Education and Religion for a Pluriconfessional and Pluricultural Europe – Jean-Pierre Ribaut: The Council of Europe, the Churches and... ‘Mélanges’ – Michael Vorbeck: Perceptions of the Churches by the European Institutions – Metropolitan Daniel: The Orthodox Church and Human Rights: a Pastoral Response to a Pressing Issue – James Barnett: La Viande Ovine Anglaise: or, which Sheep do we Follow? An Anglican Anomaly – Mary Tanner: A Theology for Europe: the raison d’être of the Church – Ola Tjørhom: The Goal of Visible Unity: Reaffirming our Commitment.