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Small Group Research

Basic Issues

Herbert H. Blumberg, A. Paul Hare, M. Valerie Kent and Martin F. Davies

This book provides comprehensive coverage of recent research in psychology relating to small groups. Major new work is described and thousands of studies are at least cited within a logical framework. A thorough overview of the field is provided and specialists concerned with particular kinds of groups are likely to find references to all major research in their areas. The findings of various studies contain many surprises, especially with regard to the generality and specificity of previously known principles. Particular emphasis is given to studies involving – or having fairly immediate relevance to – face-to-face social interaction.
Contents: Herbert H. Blumberg: Introduction – The Situation and the Person: Martin F. Davies: The Physical Situation - A. Paul Hare: Personality and Social Characteristics – The Influence of Others on the Individual: M. Valerie Kent: The Presence of Others - M. Valerie Kent: Social Influence – Group Structure: A. Paul Hare: Roles and Relationships - M. Valerie Kent: Leadership – Group Process: A. Paul Hare: Social Interaction - Herbert H. Blumberg: Group Decision Making.