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Enlarged EU – Enlarged Neighbourhood

Perspectives of the European Neighbourhood Policy


Nicolas Hayoz, Leszek Jesien and Wim van Meurs

Since May 2004 the European Union borders countries that have not yet accomplished their transformation process or are still struggling for stability.
These countries are now the neighbours of the European Union, but are they also candidates for accession? The European Neighbourhood policy is a policy that explicitly excludes the possibility of accession. However, possible future membership is the strongest implicit argument for pushing the new neighbours towards reform. How does the European Union deal with its new neighbours and how do they deal with the European Union? What plans and programs of cooperation exist? What prospects and risks does the new neighbourhood imply? Are there further attempts of cooperation and European integration besides these at the EU-level? The authors try to answer these questions by providing a critical perspective of the EU policy, regional overviews, and country reports from Eastern and South Eastern Europe.
Contents: Nicolas Hayoz/Leszek Jesień/Wim van Meurs: Introduction – Antoinette Primatarova: In Search of Two Distinct Tracks for Non-EU Europe and the European Neighbourhood – Nicolas Hayoz/Franz Kehl/Stephan Kuster: The Potential Flexibility of Deliberate Ambiguity. The EU’s Relations with the Regimes in its ‘Eastern Neighbourhood’ – Wim van Meurs: Rethinking the Balkans. Incongruities of State and Nation Building, Regional Stabilisation and European Integration – Galina Mikhaleva: The European Union and Russian Transformation – Alexander Sergunin: Kaliningrad: An Exclave or Pilot Region? – Olexiy Haran/Oleksandr Sushko: More than Neighbors. A search for a new paradigm of relations between the EU and Ukraine – Vyachaslau Paznyak: Belarus in the Geopolitics of the «New Near East»: An ‘Independent Variable’? – Leszek Jesień: Looking Eastwards. EU’s relations with its neighbours after enlargement – Eiki Berg: Prioritizing the East in Estonia: Chances to Become a Good Advocate, Honest Broker or Reliable Supervisor? – Krassimir Y. Nikolov: The European Neighbourhood Policy and Bulgaria - Challenges and Opportunities – Romana Vlahutin: From a Border Land to a Cross-border State – Othon Anastasakis: Democratic Transition in Serbia and the Road to Europe; Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Christophe Solioz: Bosnia and Herzegovina between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: From Intervention towards Integration.