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Between Identity and Diversity

Beatriz Penas-Ibáñez and María Carmen López-Sánez

This volume explores the relation between identity and diversity as the essential condition of interculturalism, and the sometimes positive, sometimes negative, role that identity and diversity play within intercultural dialogue in an increasingly globalised world. An international conference, in Madrid, October 2003, brought together scholars from four continents and allowed them to share their knowledge and learn about the issues of «identity and diversity: philological and philosophical reflections». The present volume contains a selection of the conference papers. The contributors explore the dynamics of identity as a process open to differences. Although identity and difference are not exclusively discursive, it is discourse and natural language that incorporate them.
Contents: María Carmen López Sáenz/Beatriz Penas Ibáñez: Between Identity and Diversity: An Introduction to Intercultural Communication Issues – María Carmen López Sáenz: La Parole as a Gesture of the Originating Differentiation – Susan M. Purviance: Personal Identity and Multiplicity in Shaftesbury, Hume, and Reid – Javier San Martín: The Life-World: What is Common and What is Different – Karina P. Trilles Calvo: Dialoguing with the Other: Some Notes from Maurice Merleau-Ponty – Amin Asadollahi: Truth and Identity: The Collapse of Diversity in Contemporary Reality – Jesús M. Díaz Alvarez: The Foundation of Morality and Normative-Cultural Differences. A Phenomenological Approach – Kathrin Hönig: Intercultural Diversity and Translation: Remarks on Incommensurability and Tolerance from a Semantic Perspective – Jef Verschueren: Identity as Denial of Diversity – Elvira Burgos: Vulnerable Identity and Agency: Judith Butler – Ángeles de la Concha: The Body as Discursive Locus of Female Identity – José Ángel García Landa: Rereading (,) Narrative (,) Identity (,) and Interaction – Beatriz Penas Ibáñez: The Signifiers of Self: A Sociopragmatic Account of Linguistic Diversity and the Discursive Construction of Identities.