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Aspects of Sufferring

Classical Themes in Literature in English


Liliana Sikorska

Contents: Liliana Sikorska: Allusion, influence, intertextuality - classical themes in the literature in English: by way of introduction – Liliana Sikorska: The journey into the underworld in the medieval ‘Harrowing of Hell’ scenes of the cycle plays – Joanna Bukowska: The tragedy of war hereos within the heroic and chivalric tradition: Statius and John Lydgate’s accounts of the fall of Thebes – Jacek Fabiszak: The uses of classical imagery in Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II – Joanna Maciulewicz: From the epic to the historical novel: the transition from the epic to the novelistic tradition in Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley – Agnieszka Setecka: Between the mundane and the mythical: Victorian female characters and their mythical counterparts – Dagmara Drewniak: Exile as suffering in Salman Rushdie’s Grimus, Shame and Fury – Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka: «I suffer Therefore I Change» - the echoes of Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Aritha van Herk’s No fixed address: an amorous journey – Izabela Krystek: De(con)struction, transformation, metamorphosis - the mythical and the magical in The invention of the world by Jack Hodgins – Dagmara Krzyżaniak: Aspects of classical tragedy in Edward Bond’s The Women – Ryszard Bartnik: Tropes of the classical ‘Passage through Hell’ in works of twentieth century English writers.