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Constructing Motherhood and Daughterhood Across the Lifespan


Edited By Allison M. Alford and Michelle Miller-Day

Constructing Motherhood and Daughterhood Across the Lifespan explores the complex dynamics between mother and daughter over the lifespan. The editors believe that these vital family roles are socially and communicatively constructed, shaped, and molded as mothers and daughters navigate, respond to, and negotiate cultural and familial discourses. Aimed at undergraduate students, this timely book includes course activities and discussion questions in every chapter and a complete term syllabus to enhance a professor’s teaching, providing a smooth route for adoption as a course text. The book also builds on and contributes to the critical and theoretical research in family communication, media studies, and gender studies, delving into the nuanced communication surrounding motherhood and daughterhood in the United States.

Tables and Figure – Thomas J. Socha: Preface from the Series Editor – Acknowledgments – Allison M. Alford/Michelle Miller-Day: Introduction – Allison M. Alford: Daughtering and Daughterhood: Adult Daughters in Communication with Their Mothers – Allison M. Alford: Mothering and Motherhood: Socially Constructing the Role of Mothers – Michelle Miller-Day/Riva Tukachinsky/Sydney Jacobs: Reel Mothers and Daughters – Michelle Miller-Day: Memorable Moments: Turning Points in the Mother-Daughter Relationship from Childhood to Mid-Life – Denise Lawler: Pregnancy and Disability – Colleen Warner Colaner/Haley Kranstuber Horstman/Maria Butauski: Sustaining and Draining? Adoptive Mothers’ Enactment of Rituals in Open Adoption Relationships – Wendy K. Watson/Sandra L. Faulkner: Mother-Daughter Communication About Sex and Sexuality Across the Life Course – Suellen Hopfer/Huong Duong/Samantha Garcia: Mother-Daughter Communication About HPV Vaccination – Megan Meadows/Meredith Marko Harrigan: "A Different Closeness": Emerging Adult Daughters’ Depictions of Their Relational Changes with Their Mothers – Aimee E. Miller-Ott: "We Talk Like Friends": Openness and Closedness in the Mother/Married Daughter Relationship – Aimee E. Miller-Ott/Lynne Kelly: Connection or Intrusion? Mother-Daughter Communication Through Technology – Jody Koenig Kellas/Amanda Holman/Elizabeth Flood-Grady: Storying Love: Retrospective Storytelling Between Mothers and Daughters – Meredith Marko Harrigan/Angela M. Hosek/Seungji Yang: Busy Squirrels, Well-Oiled Machines, and Warm Bread: Adult Daughters’ Discursive Constructions of Their Full-Time Working Mothers – Christine E. Rittenour/Kelly G. Odenweller: It’s Not that Easy: Challenges of Motherhood – Carla L. Fisher/Bianca M. Wolf: Understanding Mother-Daughter Communication and Health Through a Discourse of "Responsible Womanhood" – Leah M. Seurer: Communicating About Mental Health in the Mother-Daughter Dyad – Michelle Miller-Day/Danielle Grainger: Motherless Daughters and the Communication of Grief and Comfort – Melissa W. Alemán/Katherine W. Helfrich: Making Difficult Conversations Normal in Later Life: Mother-Daughter Communication, Narrative Inheritance, and Planning for Death – Maureen P. Keeley/Lauren Lee/Mark A. Generous: Mothers’ and Daughters’ End-of-Life Communication – Michelle Miller-Day: A Mother-Daughter Communication Course Guide – Contributors – Subject Index.