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Queering Freedom: Music, Identity and Spirituality

(Anthology with perspectives from over ten countries)


Edited By Karin Hendricks and June Boyce-Tillman

This book is intended to challenge the status quo of music learning and experience by intersecting various musical topics with discussions of spirituality and queer studies. Spanning from the theoretical to the personal, the authors utilize a variety of approaches to query how music makers might blend spirituality’s healing and wholeness with queer theory’s radical liberation.

Queering Freedom: Music, Identity and Spirituality represents an eclectic mix of historical, ethnomusicological, case study, narrative, ethnodramatic, philosophical, theological, and theoretical contributions. The book reaches an international audience, with invited authors from around the world who represent the voices and perspectives of over ten countries. The authors engage with policy, practice, and performance to critically address contemporary and historical music practices. Through its broad and varied writing styles and representations, the collection aims to shift perspectives of possibility and invite readers to envision a fresh, organic, and more holistic musical experience.

CONTENTS: June Boyce-Tillman: The Myths We Live By - Bertram J. Schirr: The Body We Sing: Reclaiming of the Queer Materiality of Vocal Bodies - Ockie Vermeulen: En Route to Inclusive Language Use in the Afrikaans Church Hymn: The Heterosexual White Man as God - Karin S. Hendricks: Schubert and Ambiguity: The Art of Embracing Death - Jerry Pergolesi: Nothing to Say: Anarchy and the Subversive Potential of Silence in the Music of John Cage - Koji Matsunobu: Overcoming Masculine Spirituality: Critical Analysis of Japanese Music Practice - J. Mike Kohfeld: Gender and Sexual Diversity in Santería - Catherine Pestano: Queering the Space: Community Music Work with LGBTQ Groups - Amelia Pitt-Brooke/Hussein Janmohamed: Cor Flammae and Queering Choral Music: A Mixed-Voice Canadian Perspective - André de Quadros: Nurturing Vulnerability in Imprisoned Manhood: A Spirit Journey - André de Quadros: What’s a Music Teacher to Do? An Exploration of Opportunities and Obstacles to Personhood and Music Within and Towards the Muslim World - Danielle M. Cozart Steele/Amanda M. Rice: «Every Person’s Voice Matters»: The Lived Theology of a Teacher of Transgender Singers - Karin S. Hendricks: Gaga Spirituality - Tawnya D. Smith: Belonging in Moments: A «Becoming-Out» Ethnodrama As Told Through Spiritual, Social, and Musical Reflections - Evan Kent: Thrice Blessed: Jewish, Gay, and a cantor - Tawnya D. Smith/Karin S. Hendricks/Kerr Mesner: Throbbing Dissonance: An Ethnodrama on Identity, Experienced Through Cello «Wolf Tone Theory» - Stephanie A. Budwey/Sean R. Glenn: Tempered Bodies, Tempered Voices: Giving Voice to Queer Creation - Kerr Mesner: Passagio: Learning to Sing an Unfinished Song.