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  • Title: Interdisziplinäres Kolloquium zur Geschlechterforschung

    Interdisziplinäres Kolloquium zur Geschlechterforschung

    Die Beiträge- Interdisziplinäre Dispute um Methoden der Geschlechterforschung
    by Ilse Nagelschmidt (Volume editor) Kristin Wojke (Volume editor) Britta Borrego (Volume editor) 2010
    ©2010 Edited Collection
  • Title: Exposures


    American Gay Men’s Life Writing since Stonewall
    by Tomasz Basiuk (Author) 2014
    ©2013 Monographs
  • Title: Beautiful War

    Beautiful War

    Uncommon Violence, Praxis, and Aesthetics in the Novels of Monique Wittig
    by James D. Davis Jr. (Author) 2011
    ©2010 Monographs
  • Title: Queering Iberia

    Queering Iberia

    Iberian Masculinities at the Margins
    by Jose Armengol (Volume editor) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: Queering Paradigms II

    Queering Paradigms II

    Interrogating Agendas
    by Bee Scherer (Volume editor) Matthew Ball (Volume editor) 2011
    ©2011 Edited Collection
  • Title: Nina Bouraoui, Autofiction and the Search for Selfhood

    Nina Bouraoui, Autofiction and the Search for Selfhood

    by Rosie MacLachlan (Author) 2017
  • Title: Beyond Binaries

    Beyond Binaries

    Sex, Sexualities and Gender in the Lusophone World
    by Paulo Pepe (Volume editor) Ana Raquel Fernandes (Volume editor) 2019
    ©2019 Edited Collection
  • Title: Writing for Freedom

    Writing for Freedom

    Body, Identity and Power in Goliarda Sapienza's Narrative
    by Alberica Bazzoni (Author) 2018
    ©2018 Monographs
  • Title: Queer(ing) Gender in Italian Women’s Writing

    Queer(ing) Gender in Italian Women’s Writing

    Maraini, Sapienza, Morante
    by Maria Morelli (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs
  • Title: Strategien des Begehrens: Homotextualität in der deutschen und mexikanischen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts
  • Title: Rewriting Academia

    Rewriting Academia

    The Development of the Anglicist Women’s and Gender Studies of Continental Europe
    by Renate Haas (Volume editor) 2015
    ©2015 Edited Collection
  • Title: Between an Animal and a Machine

    Between an Animal and a Machine

    Stanisław Lem’s Technological Utopia
    by Paweł Majewski (Author) 2018
    ©2018 Monographs
  • Title: Thinking Queer

    Thinking Queer

    Sexuality, Culture, and Education
    by Susan Talburt (Volume editor) Shirley R. Steinberg (Volume editor)
    ©2000 Textbook
  • Title: Proust/Warhol


    Analytical Philosophy of Art
    by David Carrier (Author)
    ©2009 Monographs
  • Title: Deseos, juegos, camuflaje

    Deseos, juegos, camuflaje

    Los estudios de género y "queer" y las literaturas hispánicas – de la Edad Media a la Ilustración
    by Tobias Brandenberger (Volume editor) Henriette Partzsch (Volume editor)
    ©2011 Conference proceedings
  • Title: Queering Freedom: Music, Identity and Spirituality

    Queering Freedom: Music, Identity and Spirituality

    (Anthology with perspectives from over ten countries)
    by Karin Hendricks (Volume editor) June Boyce-Tillman (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Edited Collection
  • Title: Against the Grain

    Against the Grain

    The Poetics of Non-Normative Masculinity in Decadent French Literature
    by Mathew Rickard (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs
  • Title: Queer Online

    Queer Online

    Media Technology and Sexuality
    by Kate O'Riordan (Volume editor) David J. Phillips (Volume editor)
    ©2007 Textbook
  • Title: Queering Straight Teachers

    Queering Straight Teachers

    Discourse and Identity in Education
    by Nelson M. Rodriguez (Volume editor) William F. Pinar (Volume editor)
    ©2007 Textbook
  • Title: Asians Loving Asians

    Asians Loving Asians

    Sticky Rice Homoeroticism and Queer Politics
    by Shinsuke Eguchi (Author) 2021
    ©2022 Textbook
  • Title: Entre el cuarto oscuro y la utopía queer

    Entre el cuarto oscuro y la utopía queer

    Sexualidades no normativas en el teatro español contemporáneo
    by Claudio Castro Filho (Volume editor) Paola Bellomi (Volume editor) 2023
    ©2023 Edited Collection
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