Queering Straight Teachers

Discourse and Identity in Education

by Nelson M. Rodriguez (Volume editor) William F. Pinar (Volume editor)
©2007 Textbook XIV, 330 Pages
Series: Complicated Conversation, Volume 22


Much of the focus of anti-homophobic/anti-heterosexist educational theory, curriculum, and pedagogy has examined the impact of homophobia and heterosexism on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) students and teachers. Such a focus has provided numerous theoretical and pedagogical insights, and has informed important changes in educational policy. Queering Straight Teachers: Discourse and Identity in Education remains deeply committed to the social justice project of improving the lives of GLBT students and teachers. However, in contrast with much of the previous scholarship, Queering Straight Teachers shifts the focus from an analysis of the GLBT «Other» to a critical examination of what it might mean, in theory and in practice, to queer straight teachers, and the implications this has for challenging institutionalized heteronormativity in education. This book will be useful in courses on educational foundations, curriculum studies, multicultural education, queer theory, gay and lesbian studies, and critical theory.


XIV, 330
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Lehrer Transsexueller Postmodern Theory Gender Sexual Identity Critical Heterosexual Study Gender Aspect Education Multicultural Education Queer Theory
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2007. XIV, 330 pp.

Biographical notes

Nelson M. Rodriguez (Volume editor) William F. Pinar (Volume editor)

The Editors: Nelson M. Rodriguez is Assistant Professor of Cultural Foundations of Education and Women’s and Gender Studies at The College of New Jersey. He received his Ph.D. in critical theory and education from The Pennsylvania State University. He is co-editor of Dismantling White Privilege: Pedagogy, Politics, and Whiteness (Peter Lang, 2000) and White Reign: Deploying Whiteness in America (1998), winner of the Critics’ Choice Award. William F. Pinar teaches curriculum theory at the University of British Columbia, where he holds a Canada Research Chair and directs the Centre for the Study of the Internationalization of Curriculum Studies.


Title: Queering Straight Teachers