Complicated Conversation

A Book Series of Curriculum Studies

Editors: William F. Pinar
ISSN: 1534-2816

Reframing the curricular challenge educators face after a decade of school deform, the books published in Peter Lang's Complicated Conversation Series
testify to the ethical demands of our time, our place, our profession.
What does it mean for us to teach now, in an era structured by political polarization, economic destabilization, and the prospect of climate catastrophe? Each of the books in the Complicated Conversation Series provides provocative paths, theoretical and practical, to a very different future. In this resounding series of scholarly and pedagogical interventions into the nightmare that is
the present, we hear once again the sound of silence breaking, supporting us to rearticulate our pedagogical convictions in this
time of terrorism, reframing curriculum as committed to the complicated conversation that is intercultural communication, self-understanding, and global justice.