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Ideology and Communication:

Symbolic Reflections of Intellectual Designs

Edited By Zeynep Gültekin Akcay and Mahmut AKGÜL

This book aims to indicate several problems related to apparent ideology understandings that are accepted in communication studies. To this end, we endeavored to touch on produced meanings and power of ideology within media that has transformed in Turkey as from 2000. Samples from different channels of Turkish media rather than theoretical discussion were chosen to trace ideological structurings within Turkish media. It was also cared for studies in the book to complete each other; by this means, we also wanted to provide convenience for the reader to comprehend the ideological structuring of transformation in Turkish media after 2000.

List of Contributors



Emine Şahin & Zülfiye Acar Şentürk

Seek for Ideology in Advertising Messages: Presentation of Feminism

and Gender in Advertising

Zeynep Gültekin Akçay

Tracing the Gender (In)Equality on TRT Cocuk

Kadriye Töre Özsel

Ideology of Children Animation Series in Turkey: The Case of Rafadan


Çilem Tuğba KOÇ

Music and Ideology: Popular Music and Popular Culture in Turkey

Mahmut Akgül

Newspaper Corners as an Ideological Struggle ‘Field’: A Review of the

Reina Attack

Onur Önürmen

Representation of Opposition in Humor Parallel to Hegemonic

Ideology: The Example of Bizimcity

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