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Narratives of Inclusive Teaching

Stories of <i>Becoming</i> in the Field


Srikala Naraian and Sarah L. Schlessinger

Teachers are increasingly challenged by dilemmas of practice as they negotiate their commitments to equity for students from historically marginalized communities, including students with disabilities, against the demands of their school settings. This book seeks to understand the ways in which teachers’ engagements with their schooling contexts evoke varied forms of inclusive practice. It narrates the experiences of seven novice teachers who entered the field deeply committed to inclusive practice. It documents their conflicts, joys and struggles within the collectivities in which they were embedded. In doing thus, the book discloses the many unpredictable trajectories of practice that encompass the complex work of teaching for inclusion.

Introduction – Taiyo Ebato: A Male Teacher of Color: Filling the Void – Molly Goodell: Negotiating the Cruel Optimisms of Inclusivity – Peter Reitzfeld: Recognizing Success, Deferring Competence – Harley Jones: Stories of a Feminist Killjoy Inclusive Educator – Adam Kuranishi: Searching for an Activist- Educator Self: Towards a DisCrit Classroom Ecology – Rena Matsushita: Absurdities and Contradictions: Teaching against Oneself – Reflections on Agentive Maneuverings – Index.