Investigating Specialized Discourse

Third Revised Edition

by Maurizio Gotti (Author)
Textbook 230 Pages


Investigating Specialized Discourse is a shortened and revised textbook edition of the monograph Specialized Discourse (2003). This book analyses the various features of specialized discourse in order to assess its degree of specificity and diversification, as compared to general language. Prior to any analysis of such traits, the notion of specialized discourse and its distinctive properties are clarified. The presence of such properties is accounted for not only in linguistic but also in pragmatic terms since the approach is interpretative rather than merely descriptive. Indeed, the complexity of this discourse calls for a multidimensional analysis, covering both lexis and morpho-syntax as well as textual patterning. Some lexical aspects, morpho-syntactic features and textual genres are also examined from a diachronic perspective, thus showing how various conventions concerning specialized discourse have developed over the last centuries.


ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2005 (October)
General language Pragmatik Fachsprache Funktionalismus (Linguistik) Geschichte 1600-2000 Diskursanalyse Linguistic trait Pragmatic criteria Textual patterning Distinctive property Textlinguistik Angewandte Linguistik Gesprächsanalyse
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2005, 2008, 2011. 230 pp.

Biographical notes

Maurizio Gotti (Author)

Maurizio Gotti is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Bergamo. He is Director of CERLIS, the research centre on specialized languages based at the University of Bergamo. His main research areas are the features and origins of specialized discourse (Robert Boyle and the Language of Science, 1996, Specialized Discourse: Linguistic Features and Changing Conventions, 2003).


Title: Investigating Specialized Discourse