Kabbalah and Postmodernism

A Dialogue

by Sandford L. Drob (Author)
©2009 Monographs XVI, 340 Pages
Series: Studies in Judaism, Volume 3


Kabbalah and Postmodernism: A Dialogue challenges certain long-held philosophical and theological beliefs, including the assumptions that the insights of mystical experience are unavailable to human reason and inexpressible in linguistic terms, that the God of traditional theology either does or does not exist, that «systematic theology» must provide a univocal account of God, man, and the world, that «truth» is «absolute» and not continually subject to radical revision, and that the truth of propositions in philosophy and theology excludes the truth of their opposites and contradictions. Readers of Kabbalah and Postmodernism will be exposed to a comprehensive mode of theological thought that incorporates the very doubts that would otherwise lead one to challenge the possibility of theology and religion, and which both preserves the riches of the Jewish tradition and extends beyond Judaism to a non-dogmatic universal philosophy and ethic.


XVI, 340
ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2012 (July)
Derrida, Jacques Kabbalistic Kabbala Postmoderne Jewish mysticism Philosophy Psychology Postmodern theology
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2009. XVI, 340 pp.

Biographical notes

Sandford L. Drob (Author)

The Author: Sanford L. Drob holds doctorate degrees in philosophy from Boston University and in clinical psychology from Long Island University. He is on the core faculty of the clinical psychology doctoral program at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California, and on the faculty of New York University Medical Center. In addition to numerous publications in clinical, forensic, and philosophical psychology, Dr. Drob is the author of two previous books on the Kabbalah as well as articles on Jewish philosophy that have appeared in various journals, including the New York Jewish Review, for which he served as editor-in-chief for several years. Dr. Drob’s recent work explores Carl Jung’s intimate but highly ambivalent relationship to Judaism and Jewish mysticism, the connection between the Kabbalah and axiological ethics, and the role of the coincidence of opposites in mysticism, philosophy, and psychology.


Title: Kabbalah and Postmodernism