Globalisation vs Europeanisation

A Human-centric Interaction

by Léonce Bekemans (Author)
Monographs 336 Pages
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Courage and inspiration are needed to renew the European dream and rediscover the purpose of a European civilisation project which responds to the cultural and moral traditions rooted in the vision of its founding fathers. A mobilising and forward-looking interaction between globalisation and Europeanisation can provide some answers in the emerging global transnational era.
This book offers an interdisciplinary in-depth analysis of the relation between globalisation and Europeanisation from a value driven and human-centric perspective. It proposes a broad, diversified and innovative framework and analysis of concepts based on a human rights, cosmopolitan and public goods perspective of sustainable statehood. This approach is applied to interconnected policy areas and issues that are crucial to Europe’s future, such as external relations, culture, intercultural dialogue, citizenship, education and territorial cooperation. The book’s multidisciplinary readings and critical reflections address the complex issues at play in today’s European societies, which require sustainable, cohesive and responsible answers at conceptual and policy level.


ISBN (Softcover)
Open Access
Publication date
2013 (October)
Bruxelles, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2013. 336 pp.

Biographical notes

Léonce Bekemans (Author)

Léonce Bekemans, MA in Economics, BA in Philosophy, MA in International Studies and PhD in International Relations, holds the Jean Monnet Chair ad personam for Globalisation, Europeanisation and Human Development at the University of Padua, Italy. He is the academic coordinator of its Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Multi-level Governance and collaborates with the University’s Human Rights Centre. He is also the president of Ryckevelde, a non-profit organisation for European citizenship in Damme, Belgium and Secretary General of ECSA World


Title: Globalisation vs Europeanisation