Fin de siècle

19th and 20th Century Comparisons and Perspectives

by Jürgen Kleist (Volume editor) Bruce A. Butterfield (Volume editor)
Monographs XIII, 199 Pages


In Fin de siècle, fourteen scholars from a variety of disciplines discuss phenomena at the end of the nineteenth century and compare them to those at the end of the twentieth century.


XIII, 199
ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M., Paris, Wien, 1996. XIII, 199 pp.

Biographical notes

Jürgen Kleist (Volume editor) Bruce A. Butterfield (Volume editor)

The Editors: Jürgen Kleist is the author of Das Dilemma der Kunst (Peter Lang, 1989), the novella Nietzsche in Turin (1992), and several short stories that appeared in Anthologies. He holds a Ph.D. in German literature from the University of California, San Diego and currently is associate professor of German at SUNY Plattsburgh. Bruce A. Butterfield is Professor of English at SUNY Plattsburgh, where he teaches courses in twentieth-century fiction and pursues research and writing in contemporary Canadian literature. He is also book-review editor of the journal The American Review of Canadian Studies. Both are editors of Mythology: From Ancient to Post-Modern (Peter Lang, 1992); Breakdowns: The Destiny of the Twentieth Century (Peter Lang, 1994); and Re-naming the Landscape (Peter Lang, 1994).


Title: Fin de siècle