Splitting the Baby

The Culture of Abortion in Literature and Law, Rhetoric and Cartoons

by Linda Myrsiades (Author)
©2002 Textbook XIV, 206 Pages


Splitting the Baby is one of the few cultural approaches to the study of abortion. It considers abortion culture in the variety of its faces in American history and law through the literary and visual arts – poetry, short fiction, cartoons, advertising, and rhetoric. Examining the expressive world of cultural products presents a more human side to the abortion wars, interrupting our hold on singular ideas to more fully engage abortion as a conversation. Intended for students of literature and law, cultural studies, women’s studies, and interdisciplinary studies, this book capitalizes on the richness of abortion culture without limiting it to a singular political or disciplinary perspective. Because it accesses the deep well of care and concern behind the legal and political problems that arise from the abortion debate, it opens its readers to an experience that is fundamental to the human condition – an experience that touches both life and death, the cradle and the grave.


XIV, 206
ISBN (Softcover)
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New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien, 2002. XIV, 206 pp.

Biographical notes

Linda Myrsiades (Author)

The Author: Linda Myrsiades is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. She has published cultural studies in Greek folklore and theater (Cultural Representation in Historical Resistance; Culture and Comedy; and The Karagiozis Heroic Performance), co-edited collected essays on race studies, law and literature, and teaching literature (Un-Disciplining Literature; Raceing Representation; and Margins in the Classroom), and has enjoyed the opportunity of serving as a NEH fellow.


Title: Splitting the Baby