Eruptions: New Feminism Across the Disciplines

Editors: Erica McWilliam
ISSN: 1091-8590

This is a series of red-hot women's writing after the "isms." lt focuses
on new cultural assemblages that are emerging from the deformation,
breakout, ebullience, and discomfort of postmodern feminism. The
series brings together a post-foundational generation of women's writing
that, while still respectful of the idea of situated knowledge, does not rely on
neat disciplinary distinctions and stable political coalitions. This writing
transcends some of the more awkward textual performances of a first
generation of "ferninism-meets-postmodernism" scholarship. lt has come to
terms with its own body of knowledge as shifty, inflammatory, and
The aim of the series is to make this cutting edge thinking more readily
available to undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and new
academics, and professional bodies and practitioners. Thus, we seek
contributions from writers whose unruly scholastic projects are expressed in
texts that are accessible and seductive to a wider academic readership.
Proposals and/or manuscripts are invited from the domains of: "post"
humanities, human movement studies, sexualities, media studies, literary
criticism, information technologies, history of ideas, performing arts, gay and
lesbian studies, cultural studies, post-colonial studies, pedagogics, social
psychology, and the philosophy of science. We are particularly interested in
publishing research and scholarship with international appeal from Australia,
New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.