Anglicanism and Orthodoxy 300 years after the ‘Greek College’ in Oxford

by Peter Doll (Volume editor)
©2006 Conference proceedings 580 Pages


Springing out of the Anglican Patristic revival in the seventeenth century, this College for Greek Orthodox students in Oxford enjoyed only a brief existence (1699-1705), but its history reflects a vigorous strain of ecumenical activity and theological conviction continuing to the present day. This volume collects the papers from the conference held in 2001 at Worcester College, Oxford, celebrating the three hundredth anniversary of the Greek College. The engagement between Anglicanism and Orthodoxy reveals not only the common foundations in Scripture and the Fathers on which they stand but also the divergent expressions of that shared tradition, shaped as each church has been by the contingencies of history.
Relations between Anglicans and Orthodox did not stop at discussion on Biblical and Patristic theology. The papers in this collection encompass high and low politics, educational theory and practice, architecture, liturgy, ecumenism, as well as cultural imperialism and protectionism. Also included in this collection are documents related to the history of the College, among them translations of original publications previously available only in Greek. Here is to be found hope that in a better understanding of their own as well as one another’s traditions, Anglicans and Orthodox may with greater confidence continue to work together towards rediscovering the unity of the Church.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Interkonfessionelles Gespräch Orthodoxe Kirche Geschichte Kongress Oxford (2001) Education Educational Technology Anglikanische Kirche Psychology
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2006. 581 pp., 12 ill.

Biographical notes

Peter Doll (Volume editor)

The Editor: Peter M. Doll is a graduate of Yale and Oxford Universities. Formerly Chaplain of Worcester College, Oxford, he now serves as a parish priest in Abingdon. He is the author of Revolution, Religion, and National Identity: Imperial Anglicanism in British North America, 1745-1795 (2000) and ‘After the Primitive Christians’: The Eighteenth-Century Anglican Eucharist in its Architectural Setting (1997).


Title: Anglicanism and Orthodoxy 300 years after the ‘Greek College’ in Oxford