«OMUMU» – The Igbo Life-value: A Challenge to Human Life Issue Today

(with Particular Focus on «Humanae Vitae» in Light of Familial Value Study)- An Analytical-Practical Approach

by Peter Chidi Okuma (Author)
©2009 Thesis 158 Pages


In 1998 a group of scholars with Catholic, Anglican and Jewish background gathered at a symposium to review Humanae vitae 30 years after its publication. On the 40-year anniversary of Humanae vitae in 2008, the issues raised in that controversial encyclical letter still border and affect humans especially in the light of modern scientific and biotechnological development. This book is a contribution to that debate in the sense of being unbiased and from an African perspective meant to balance the «sense and insensibilities» from both polarities of the world. It is an X-ray through a hermeneutical-anthropological «Weltanschauung» (worldview) of the Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria.


ISBN (Softcover)
Familie Familial study Social science Paul (Papst, VI.) Humanae vitae Sexualverhalten Christliche Ethik Human sexuality Bioethic Biotechnology Marriage Family
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2009. 158 pp.

Biographical notes

Peter Chidi Okuma (Author)

The Author: Peter Chidi Okuma is a priest of the Catholic diocese of Orlu (Nigeria). He holds a High Diploma in freelance and feature writing in Journalism from the London School of Journalism (UK) with distinction. He holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and a Master’s Study Certificate in Education and Psychology from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) where he equally received a certified doctoral training in 2005. He has a doctorate in Social sciences from S. Thomas University Rome (Angelicum).


Title: «OMUMU» – The Igbo Life-value: A Challenge to Human Life Issue Today