School Hazard Zone

Beyond the Silence/Finding a Voice

by Pamela Althea Joyce (Author)
©2008 Textbook XIV, 276 Pages
Series: Counterpoints, Volume 264


School Hazard Zone: Beyond the Silence/Finding a Voice explores the dynamics that help to perpetuate minority academic underachievement. Through five years of journal entries, epiphanies, and inspirations, Pamela Althea Joyce presents an honest glimpse of undemocratic practices at an urban/suburban high school. She identifies variables associated with minority achievement, examines experiences of the individuals involved, ultimately reframes the «achievement gap» problem, and invites the reader to take a stand on the matter. From the perspective of a teacher preoccupied with the daily challenges of minority students, Joyce identifies positive and negative influences originating from self, school, and society, which play a role in tilting the academic playing field to the disadvantage of underachieving students. She provides alternatives, offering «do now», low-cost suggestions and feasible long-term ideas for closing the «achievement gap». The book will be enlightening for the general public, administrators, teachers, student teachers, parents, and all individuals concerned about the future of the American educational system.


XIV, 276
ISBN (Softcover)
Chancengleichheit At risk USA Bildungswesen Nationale Minderheit Achievement gap Urban education Basic skill Minority student Racism Adolescent literacy
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2008. XIV, 276 pp.

Biographical notes

Pamela Althea Joyce (Author)

The Author: Pamela Althea Joyce is a reading specialist and urban education consultant who has been in education for over thirty years. Joyce earned a Ph.D. in urban education at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center, an M.A. in reading at Montclair State University, an M.A. in philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center, and a B.A. in elementary and early childhood education at Queens College. Joyce is the author of a number of book chapters that speak directly to concerns about minority achievement. Currently, she works as a reading specialist at Montclair High School in New Jersey, and as a culturally responsive text consultant for children’s books.


Title: School Hazard Zone