Special Pastoral Formation for Youths in Africa in the 21 st Century

The Nigerian Perspective- With extra Focus on the Socio-anthropological, Ethical, Theological, Psychological and Societal Problems of Today’s Youngsters

by Joe-Barth Abba (Author)
©2009 Thesis 410 Pages


This scientific research focuses on the Church and society on special youth formation coupled with the essence for the real workable, formidable and systematic orientations for the youth problems, human dignity and Pro-life phenomenon, and prospects in order to get well with their youthful exuberance as the future leaders of tomorrow. Today’s youth being in dire need of the active formation and training in the modern world is a great challenge not only to the Church itself but on the whole to be one of the top priorities of the government to prepare some concrete steps for the special care of youth development. The rational, mental or spiritual (soul and body) educational dimensions are more on the adaptability in course of their growth, and acceptance, to practice the Church teachings and being loyal to the State laws and regulations for the common good. The handling of the youth problems requires constant attention with immense interest and zeal on the part of the various families, trainers, counsellors and leaders entrusted with such typical social work to be able to understand them, to listen to them, and to direct and harness their potentialities and enterprising spirit.


ISBN (Softcover)
Sociology of Education Psychology Ethics - Moral Anthropology and Parochial social works
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2009. 410 pp., 4 fig.

Biographical notes

Joe-Barth Abba (Author)

The Author: Joe-Barth C. Abba, born in Enugu State of Nigeria, is a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha and ordained in 1994. After some years of experiences in parish work and other Diocesan assignments and mission apostolates, he was sent on study-apostolates and Research Programmes in Europe. He holds a B.A. (Phil.) and a Th. (Theol.) in Nigeria – affiliate Urban University Rome, a B.A. in Public Relations and Journalism in Chicago (USA), a Diploma in Office Administration/Foreign Modern Languages in Germany, and a M.A. (Phil.) and a Ph.D. (Pastoral Theology) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. The author is an erudite scholar and author of a great number of publications.


Title: Special Pastoral Formation for Youths in Africa in the 21 st Century