Networking across Borders and Frontiers

Demarcation and Connectedness in European Culture and Society

by Jürgen Barkhoff (Volume editor) Helmut Eberhart (Volume editor)
©2009 Conference proceedings 266 Pages


This volume presents the proceedings of a Coimbra Group conference on networking across borders and frontiers in European culture and society that took place at the University of Graz in September 2007. Organised by the Task Force on Culture, Arts and Humanities it brought together researches from ten different European countries and an array of disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences spectrum, from Cultural Anthropology, European Ethnology, History, Literary Studies and Fine Arts to Peace Studies, Sociology and Political Sciences. It explores the capacity of the frontier-network binary for describing and analysing historical, cultural and political processes in the formation of European cultures and societies past and present, and across national and disciplinary boundaries.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Identität Wissen Grenzen
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2009. 266 pp., 3 fig., num. graphs

Biographical notes

Jürgen Barkhoff (Volume editor) Helmut Eberhart (Volume editor)

The Editors: Jürgen Barkhoff is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Studies at the University of Dublin, Trinity College. His main research interests focus on German literature and anthropology around 1800, eco-literature, Swiss contemporary literature, and the theory and history of networks of culture. Helmut Eberhart is Associate Professor for History of European Ethnology and Folklore Studies at the University of Graz. His research interests centre on the history of European ethnology and folklore studies, folk piety (pilgrimage), the development of rural areas after 1945 and the history and culture of Albania.


Title: Networking across Borders and Frontiers