Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning

Potential, Evaluation, Challenges

by Yvonne Breyer (Author)
Thesis XII, 268 Pages
Series: English Corpus Linguistics, Volume 13


This book highlights the potential and the challenges of corpora in language education with a particular focus on the teacher’s perspective. For this purpose, the study explores the relevance of the corpus approach to central paradigms underlying contemporary language education. Furthermore, a critical analysis investigates the persisting gap between research findings and their implementation in teaching practices. As a result, key factors in advancing the popularisation of corpora in language education are identified. A survey and a case study verify this gap and, importantly, underline the pivotal role of adequate teacher education if corpus-based language teaching is to make any significant impact on current teaching practices.


XII, 268
ISBN (Hardcover)
Sprachbewußtsein Authentizität Lernerautonomie Korpuslinguistik
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. XII, 268 pp., num. fig., tables and graphs

Biographical notes

Yvonne Breyer (Author)

Yvonne Alexandra Breyer holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia) where she currently works in online education and the implementation of Learning Management Systems. Her research interests include corpora in language education, online education and electronic assessment.


Title: Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning