She’s Leaving Home

Women’s Writing in English in a European Context

by Nóra Séllei (Volume editor) June Waudby (Volume editor)
Conference proceedings X, 262 Pages
Series: European Connections, Volume 32


This collection of essays, written by scholars from all over Europe, explores the cultural meanings of women leaving home. Although all the chapters analyse writings in English, the volume aims to put the narrative element of home-leaving into a European context by investigating travel in various directions: from England to somewhere abroad, from the (former) colonies to the (former) imperial centre or simply within a psychic space. The female figures discussed in the volume leave home for various reasons – to go into exile, to challenge orthodox conceptions of femininity, to travel for pleasure or out of curiosity – but ultimately each of them has to face questions of the definitions of home, belonging and otherness. Consequently, the essays in this collection focus on how the cross-cultural encounters implicated in discourses of race, gender, nation and religion affect female identity. The ‘protagonists’ of these narratives range from mythical heroines to early modern Protestant refugees to fictitious and historical figures from the past 200 years. The discussion throughout is informed by contemporary theories of gender, literary and cultural studies.


X, 262
ISBN (Book)
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2011. X, 262 pp.

Biographical notes

Nóra Séllei (Volume editor) June Waudby (Volume editor)

Nóra Séllei is Reader at the Department of British Studies, University of Debrecen, Hungary, and the Department of English Language and Literature, Catholic University, Ruzomberok, Slovakia. Her publications include monographs on Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf, nineteenth-century English women writers, twentieth-century women’s autobiography and feminist theory and criticism in Hungary. June Waudby graduated with a BA in English Literature from the University of York and a PhD from the University of Hull. Her teaching experience includes five years teaching English language in Japan and ten years teaching English literature at the University of Hull. Her main area of research is Renaissance and Reformation studies and particularly the work of early modern women writers.


Title: She’s Leaving Home