Who Speaks for Writing

Stewardship in Writing Studies in the 21st Century

by Jennifer Rich (Volume editor) Ethna D. Lay (Volume editor)
Textbook VII, 205 Pages


Who Speaks for Writing confronts a range of current debates about stewardship in writing studies in the 21st century.
In recent years, writing studies has become more and more institutionalized in departments, programs, and majors. Specializations within the discipline have proliferated as have moments of collaboration. These circumstances make an exploration and understanding of the stakes in this burgeoning field important.
The authors represent a broad range of expertise and specialization in the field, and they seek to answer questions not only about the current ownership of writing studies but also about the theoretical and practical applications of this ownership. Their chapters offer new directions for composition theorists, teachers, and administrators for the 21st century.


VII, 205
ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2012. VII, 205 pp.

Biographical notes

Jennifer Rich (Volume editor) Ethna D. Lay (Volume editor)

Jennifer Rich is Associate Professor of Writing Studies and Composition at Hofstra University. She has published widely in rhetoric, film theory, and Shakespearean studies. Her most recent work, «Blindness and Insight: Disrupting the Authorial Ethos in Virginia Woolf ’s Three Guineas,» appeared in Rhetoric Review. Her article, «Shock Corridors: The New Rhetoric of Horror in Gus Van Sant’s Elephant» will be forthcoming in the Journal of Popular Culture. She is currently working on a book-length consideration of the rhetoric of memorials. Ethna D. Lay is Assistant Professor of Writing Studies and Composition at Hofstra University. Her current book project, Sequels of Literacy: When the Essay Is the Gloss, is a study of the new literacy and new media practices of contemporary American students.


Title: Who Speaks for Writing