Non-Lyric Discourses in Contemporary Poetry

Spaces, Subjects, Enunciative Hybridity, Mediality

by Burghard Baltrusch (Volume editor) Isaac Lourido (Volume editor)
©2012 Monographs 312 Pages


The concept of «non-lyric» calls attention to the functional instability of poetry as a genre and of lyric as a discursive category today. This volume reflects on new discursive and cultural practices in contemporary poetry: the constitution of new subjects and new subjectivities, the function of the poetic in public space, enunciative hybridizations and the incorporation of intermediality. Its main purposes are to question the conventional identification of poetic with lyric and to analyze the defining elements of the non-lyric. This volume combines discussion of theoretical and methodological aspects with case studies of various poetic and cultural spheres: the Austrian, Brazilian, Spanish, Galician, Latin American, Polish and Portuguese spheres, oral traditions, and experimental and interartistic poetry, among others.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Lyriktheorie Gegenwartslyrik nicht-lyrischer Diskurs konkrete Lyrik Lyrik und Politik Lyrik und Gender Studies Lyrik und Ideologie Liebeslyrik Lyrik und Medien Lyrik Experimentallyrik Lyrik und Performance
München, 2012. ca. 312 p.

Biographical notes

Burghard Baltrusch (Volume editor) Isaac Lourido (Volume editor)

Burghard Baltrusch is senior lecturer in Lusophone and Translation Studies at the University of Vigo (http://uvigo.academia.edu/BurghardBaltrusch) and collaborates with the GAELT research group (Studies in Literature and Translatology) and several projects on contemporary poetry. Isaac Lourido has been associate lecturer in Literary Theory at the University of Santiago de Compostela and collaborates with the TLLC research group (Literary Theory and Comparative Literature) and with projects such as poesiagalega.org.


Title: Non-Lyric Discourses in Contemporary Poetry