Thinking Through Relation

Encounters in Creative Critical Writing

by Florian Mussgnug (Volume editor) Mathelinda Nabugodi (Volume editor) Thea Petrou (Volume editor)
Edited Collection XVI, 302 Pages
Series: New Comparative Criticism , Volume 11


This book is an offering. It contains eighteen essays in honour of Timothy Mathews, written by leading scholars in the fields of French, Comparative Literature, Visual Culture and Creative Critical Writing. These essays examine the power of serendipitous encounter between artists, thinkers and artistic media as well as the importance of creative interjection in the arts and humanities. They advance fresh interpretations of some important figures in twentieth-century European culture – Apollinaire, Beckett, Benjamin, Calvino, Dalí, Genet, Nooteboom, Roubaud – using modes of reading that are both intellectually brave and open to fragility, intimate as well as critical, at once playful and earnest. They bring texts and artworks into relation in order to amply demonstrate that relation itself is a form of thinking.


XVI, 302
ISBN (Book)
Comparative Literature Creative Critical Writing French Studies Thinking Through Relation Florian Mussgnug Mathelinda Nabugodi Thea Petrou
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, New York, Wien, 2021. XVI, 302 pp., 9 fig. col., 10 fig. b/w, 1 table.

Biographical notes

Florian Mussgnug (Volume editor) Mathelinda Nabugodi (Volume editor) Thea Petrou (Volume editor)

Florian Mussgnug is Professor of Comparative Literature and Italian Studies at University College London. Mathelinda Nabugodi is a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Thea Petrou is an independent researcher based in London.


Title: Thinking Through Relation