Synergy II: Linguistics

Contemporary Studies on Turkish Linguistics

by Ayşe Selmin Söylemez (Volume editor) Alper Kumcu (Volume editor)
Edited Collection 268 Pages


Synergy II: Linguistics intends to present recent studies on Turkish linguistics. The aim is to introduce theoretical and applied linguistic approaches focusing on Turkish language. The structure of the book is thematically designed based on the micro and macro linguistics. The themes presented are phonology, morphology, morphosyntax, morphophonology, bilingualism, cognitive stylistics, register analysis of various Turkish text genres, identity, and language teaching. You will come across studies that catch your attention as you are leafing through the pages of the book.


ISBN (Book)
Morphophonology syntactic priming bilingualism cognitive stylistics contrastive rhetoric intercultural rhetoric
Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Warszawa, Wien, 2021. 268 pp., 30 fig. b/w, 18 tables.

Biographical notes

Ayşe Selmin Söylemez (Volume editor) Alper Kumcu (Volume editor)

Ayşe Selmin Söylemez is working at the Translation and Interpreting Department, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University. She holds her PhD from Gazi University, ELT Department. Her research areas and interests are teaching English to young learners, materials development and evaluation, gender studies, and discourse analysis. Alper Kumcu is a researcher at Hacettepe University. He undertook a PhD from the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham, examining the role of space in verbal memory. His research areas are memory for language and embodied cognition within psycholinguistics and data-driven cognitive translation studies. He received Science Incentive Award from Hacettepe University.


Title: Synergy II: Linguistics