Interpersonal Sexual Communication across the Lifespan

by Tina K. Coffelt (Volume editor)
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Series: Lifespan Communication , Volume 16

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Interpersonal Sexual Communication across the Lifespan traces curious children, eager adolescents, exploring adults, committed partners, and vibrant elderly in their negotiation of sexual development and changes in relationships. Sex and sexuality have been examined at least since the inaugural works of Kinsey and Masters and Johnson. These early and subsequent works have been marked by the emphasis on sexual performance, biological, physiological, or psychological processes that impact sexual activity and interaction. This book emphasizes communication research dispersed across several disciplines and would be of value to students in sexual communication or human sexuality courses.



Biographical notes

Tina K. Coffelt (Volume editor)

Tina A. Coffelt (PhD, University of Missouri) is an associate professor at Iowa State University in the Communication Studies Program. Her research appears in the Journal of Sex Research, Journal of Family Communication, and Western Journal of Communication. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Uzbekistan.


Title: Interpersonal Sexual Communication across the Lifespan