The Streets Echoed with Chants

The Urban Experience of Post-War West Berlin

by Laura Bowie (Author)
Monographs XXIV, 302 Pages


What would it have been like to live in the island of West Berlin during the 1960s? What impact did the experience of the post-war context have on the global student movement in the city? By reconstructing the cultural atmosphere of the time and considering the site of West Berlin not only as a city, but also as a home, this book seeks to understand how the world was viewed by the protesting students, how the urban space they were living in influenced their political viewpoint, and how the cultural outputs of the generation created a uniquely symbiotic relationship with the world. This book paints a picture of the transfer of ideas between a variety of intellectual and cultural sources by combining theories that influenced the students’ perception of the world with the events centred around the key year of 1968. The intention is to come to an understanding of how the experience of living in West Berlin combined with architecture, and the arts more generally, to form the critique of urban planning and, by extension, society as a whole.

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XXIV, 302
ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2021 (November)
Architectural activism in 1968 Post-War West Berlin Urban Experience
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, New York, Wien, 2022. XXIV, 302 pp., 24 fig. col., 54 fig. b/w.

Biographical notes

Laura Bowie (Author)

Laura Bowie is a Lecturer in Architectural History and Theory at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. She has previously taught architectural history and theory at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, where she also completed her doctoral thesis. Her research interests include the city and protest, the radicalization of urban space, the relationship between urban planning and the psyche, and the use of memory and cultural outputs as exploratory tools.


Title: The Streets Echoed with Chants