The City as Place: Emotions, Experiences, and Meanings

ISSN: 2632-0924

The purpose of this series is to examine the city as a lived place. Specifically, we are interested in the ways in which the city is invested with meaning through everyday lived experiences. The series is particularly interested in submissions that focus on the perceptual and felt dimensions of urban places through exploring the experiential, emotional, sensory, and affective dimensions that contribute to how people behave in, feel about, and move around in cities. Books in this series will interrogate the relationship between people and place through a focus on the diverse ways in which subjective and intimate feelings are fundamental constituents of the urban experience. We encourage authors to examine the city as a lived place from a range of different perspectives, and to be inclusive of individual and collective voices in the city to better understand the historical development and contemporary evolution of diverse urban settings.
Some of the questions we seek to explore through the series include, but are not restricted to:
How is the city experienced, by whom, and how does this change over time?
Who shapes the experience of the city and for what reasons?
How do individual and shared joy, fear, pride, nostalgia, disgust, or other emotions, shape the meanings attributed to urban spaces?
How does the lived experience of, and emotional connections to, urban places inform the way particular spaces within cities are preserved and memorialized, or alternatively demolished and redeveloped?
In what ways is our understanding of the lived experience of the city sharpened through the lens of comparative, transnational, and global approaches?
The series seeks to examine the real and the imaginary, the representational and the non-representational, the historical and the contemporary, the remembered and the recreated in all historical periods including research on the twenty-first-century city. The series is open to work covering all geographic areas, and we encourage authors, where possible and relevant, to situate their studies in comparative, transnational, or global perspectives. Books may be published in English or in French.
Series Editors: Dr Rebecca Madgin, Urban Studies, University of Glasgow and Dr Nicolas Kenny, History, Simon Fraser University.
Advisory Board: Prof. Jan Plamper, Goldsmiths, London; Dr Katie Barclay, Adelaide; Prof. Nicole Eustace, NYU; Dr Joseph Prestel, FU Berlin; Prof. Piroska Nagy, Université du Québec à Montréal; Prof. Roey Sweet, Leicester; Prof. Astrid Swenson, Bath Spa; Prof. Steve Cooke, Deakin; Prof. Sian Jones, Stirling; Dr James Lesh, Melbourne; Dr Anneleen Arnout, Radboud.